About Us

Welcome to the City of Solomon! We are a small community with an old fashioned heart. Whether its a block party with your neighbors, lemonade stands on the street corners or neighborhood kids riding their bikes up and down the streets, it gives you a nostalgic feeling that brings back fond memories.  Children can walk to school safely. Seniors can navigate our streets while the rest of us watch out for them.  Golf carts and ATVs are a welcome mode of transportation, as long as you have a valid drivers license. 

Local retail shopping is limited, but we have a wonderful small town grocery that offers personal service by local owners that employ our citizens and high schoolers.  A new Dollar General offers a much needed selection of items. 

Solomon has high speed internet service, cable TV channels with HD, a Library that offers up-to-date technology with free wifi and a modern municipal swimming pool for those hot summer days.  

The town is one big family.  When one of ours is in need, fundraisers are held and everyone pitches in to get them back on their feet. The churches are active and vital part of the community.  Children get to play in sports and school activities are the prime source of entertainment. The community is invested in our youth, parents and seniors to insure a successful sense of community. It's truly a community that neighbors become friends, people watch out for each other and life is lived at your own pace.

"I came from the very heart of America" - Dwight D. Eisenhower, 6-12-45