Park Facilities

The City of Solomon's park facilities are available to groups and citizens to reserve for family gatherings, group parties, picnics, meetings, or other events.  Park reservations are on a first-come, first-serve basis.  A Special Event Permit maybe needed.  For additional information or to see if a specific date is available, contact City Hall.

CITY PARK: Amenities include 2 large shelters with picnic tables, playground equipment, gazebo, horse shoe pits, Gaga ball pit, tennis court, basketball court, disc golf course and on-site bathrooms (available during warm weather).  A nice addition is a Veteran's Memorial. The park is home to the annual Solomon Festival held in July.

BREWER SCOUT CABIN: The Brewer Scout Cabin is a one story building located in the center of the City Park.  Built by the Civil Works Administration, which employed local men who were out of work during the Great Depression, the log cabin is an example of one of the many programs President Franklin D. Roosevelt put into action to restore men’s dignity and improve the economy.  Except for a few modernizations and repairs, the Brewer Scout Cabin retains its original appearance.

The log cabin was constructed in a cross shape with a gabled roof at each end of the cross.  It is approximately 26’ x 26’.  The oak timbers from which it is constructed came from Sullivan Bend on the Solomon River, south of Niles.  All logs were hewed and faced by hand with a broad axe and adz.  The timbers were cut the desired length and two sides are hewed so as to fit the other logs.  They were then notched and fitted in placed.  The stones used for the fireplace were collected from a pasture one mile North and one mile West of the present Highway 18.  The sandstone and ironstone were hauled to Solomon in a trailer pulled by an old Model T pickup.  On weekends, the rocks were washed and cleaned by high school and grade school scouts.  The light fixtures were made of small logs to blend with the rustic appearance of the cabin.  Since l934, the cabin has undergone few changes.  The building was wired for electricity in the 1940s and in the 1980s the roof was repaired and the floor replaced. 

The Brewer Scout Cabin, so named as a reminder of Lewis and Kathryne Brewer, who devoted so much of themselves to scouting and to the community of Solomon.  The Brewer Scout Cabin was entered onto the National Register of Historic Places on July 18, 2000 providing recognition of this community’s historic importance.

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