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Robinson retires from Volunteer Fire Department after 20 Years of Service!


We would like to Salute a true hero in our community, Mike Robinson officially retired from the Solomon Volunteer Fire Department after 20 years of dedicated service. Mike has been a steadfast presence in our fire department, always ready to respond to the call of duty, no matter the time of day.

One of Mike's most memorable experiences was battling the blaze at The Kirby House-- a challenging fire that showcased his bravery and commitment to our community. When asked about his years of service, Mike shared a lighter moment, confessing he definitely won't miss his pager going off at 3 AM!

Please join us in thanking Mike for his two decades of courage, sacrifice, and selflessness. Your commitment has kept us safe, and your legacy will inspire future generations of firefighters. 

Enjoy your well-deserved retirement, Mike! You have earned every moment of peace without that pager.